A passionate call for banning of groups that preach hatred and discrimination

I seethe because he lives in a country in which some elected officials find it politically advantageous to deny him dignity, basic rights, and protections. I seethe because there are people who preach hatred and discrimination towards gays yet claim to be "good" and "loving" Christians. Wheeler also pleaded guilty to an additional aggravated assault charge for choking three of the boys until they passed out.

A passionate call for banning of groups that preach hatred and discrimination

The apocalyptic rhetoric is a reaction to the advances in LGBT rights, including the legalization of same-sex marriage in dozens of states and the passage of non-discrimination ordinances in municipalities across the country.

Along with categories such as race, gender, religion, age and ability, more localities are recognizing sexual orientation and gender identity as traits warranting protection from discrimination in the public domain. As anti-gay politicians lose in the courts, Congress, state houses, town halls, and perhaps most importantly, at the ballot box, many have taken to conflating political defeat with a loss of rights and liberty.

Only by depriving other people of their rights, so they claim, can conservatives and people of faith in this nation truly be free. This month, many Republicans latched onto a complicated legal case in Houston to justify their hyperbolic warnings about impending doom for Christians in America.

After Houston passed an equal rights ordinance this year, a pastor-led group tried — and failed — to collect enough valid petition signatures to force a referendum on repealing the ordinance.

The rhetoric surrounding the Houston case has become so apoplectic that even some conservatives are calling out their allies for making false and grossly misleading claims.

Inmembers of a group called Repent America were charged after disrupting a gay pride event and refusing to abide by police orders. In fact, if Religious Right were correct in their warnings, America should have experienced a wave of arrests targeting pastors, church-goers and Republicans following the passage of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr.

A passionate call for banning of groups that preach hatred and discrimination

Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Predictions about the criminalization of the Bible, pastors locked in jail cells and concentration camps for Christians never came true, mainly because these prophecies had no basis in reality. I could no longer share my heart with you on critical issues, such as this, through the medium of television, or even in the pulpit of my own church.

Outlawing the Bible One group of Michigan pastors, joined by local Republican politician and American Family Association state chairman Gary Glenn, filed an unsuccessful legal challenge against the hate crimes law soon after it was enacted.

This will violate the First Amendment rights of any person or group that opposes the normalization of homosexuality in our culture. Sexual orientation includes heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality on an ever-expanding continuum. Will Congress also protect these sexual orientations: Steve King, R-Iowa, similarly charged: Speaking out against the homosexual agenda could also make you a felon if you are said to influence someone who pushes away that unwelcome advance.

And pedophiles and other sexual deviants would enjoy an elevated level of protection, while children, seniors, veterans and churches would not.

Can the Religious Right Be Trusted? Religious Right commentators now regularly liken themselves to Jews living under Nazi Germany or shamelessly compare the state of Christians in the U.A Passionate Call for Banning of Groups That Preach Hatred and Discrimination PAGES 2.

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Wow. Most helpful essay resource ever! Jul 09,  · Nearly 50 percent of Americans believe discrimination against Christians in the U.S. has become as big of a problem as discrimination against other ethnic and religious groups, according to a new survey published by the Public Religion Research regardbouddhiste.comtion: Christian Post Reporter.

The United States has a long history of discrimination and prejudice that has led to a lot of struggles and negativity for a lot of groups. Currently, our nation holds discriminatory attitudes and practices towards many minority communities.

A passionate call for banning of groups that preach hatred and discrimination

A lot of this can derive from ethnic, religious, racial, and gender prejudices that set our nation regardbouddhiste.comon: PO Box , A resolution submitted to the Southern Baptist Convention for its annual meeting in Dallas, Texas, has called on the nation's largest Protestant denomination to reject "homosexual identity politics" and state bans on conversion therapy.

Therefore, engaging in conduct that amounts to unlawful discrimination against a white, heterosexual man is, per the terms of the statute, “discrimination” – not “reverse” discrimination. In my view the term “reverse discrimination” is divisive and should be avoided.

Apr 09,  · I seethe because there are people who preach hatred and discrimination towards gays yet claim to be "good" and "loving" Christians. I seethe because there are groups who claim to be "advocates" for the family but who work to do great harm to any family that doesn’t fit their narrow template for “normal”.

Calling Out 'LGBT' Agenda: Hate or Hope?