An analysis of the american presidency

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An analysis of the american presidency

And Was He Killed in ? Did Swissair Flight land at an Airbase? At some point, it becomes mandatory for any relevant conspiracy website to talk about the assassination of President John F. I avoided doing so in the interest of producing original content. Many theories interested me, but I felt I had nothing to add.

I erroneously believed that his assassination may have been linked to reigning in the Federal Reserveor attempting to dismantle the CIA thanks Oliver Stone.

I failed to see that these conspiracy theories were fairly mainstream, because I erroneously assumed that mainstream media does not do conspiracy theory. Well, its seems that they do! He continues to be succeeded by other members of the Kennedy clan to this day.

His eyes had always bothered me. There are subtle things which only the artistically inclined can pick up. Such as the complete absence of any softness in them. Eyes are called windows of the soul.

But these ones were more like shutters, hiding what lay behind them. But he too, had no explanation for the assassination or maybe withheld it. And that such an elaborate ruse entailed too many risks for all parties involved. As the recent exit of Ron Paul has demonstrated, the American Presidency will always be safe from the non-Elite.

My reservation can be addressed by the human factor.

An analysis of the american presidency

The Powers That Be, despite their aversion to risk, are human. When JFK demonstrated that as President, he could play the American people like none had done so in the past, hamstringing them with emotion and television gimmickry, He received the blessings of the Rothschilds, the Rockerfellers, the Military-Industrial Complex and the rest of the Illuminati to consolidate the Office of the President for good.

This was the secret and successful undermining and overthrow of a semi-Republic by a fascist alliance of oligarchs. And this was just a handful of families dominating the oligarchy for several generations.

What allowed all this to happen was a perfected form of propaganda, using the latest tricks of the cinema. It may be that the most influential and important film of the 20th century is not Gone with the Wind or Star Wars; it is the real-life Godfather, AKA The Kennedy Assassination, with Academy Awards to Joe and Jack Kennedy for best script, best art direction, best production, best direction, best actor, and best living man playing a dead man.

Only Joseph Kennedy was successful. And of course, such a conspiracy would only work on a gullible population.

An analysis of the american presidency

This excerpted review was meant for the tired, hustled and weary masses. It is not a teaser, and it gives away all the important details. The government has some minimum burden of proof, not me. You and I are like the jurors, not the lawyers. We should be presented with real evidence, not expected to present it.

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Our primary job is to falsify claims, not make them. The government claims that Kennedy was killed, and it offers us as evidence the Bethesda photos and the films from Dallas. I am not called upon to prove an alternate theory; on the contrary, the government is called upon to show proof the President was killed.

It has not done that. Because of the lack of continuity in the films, and the lack of positive ID in Dealey Plaza, we have proof of nothing. The evidence only appears to point to a murder of Kennedy.

But, logically, it absolutely fails to do so. If you watch all the films that day, you are left with the impression that we have a complete record of the motorcade through Dallas.The presidency of Barack Obama began at noon EST on January 20, , when Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States, and ended on January 20, Obama, a Democrat, took office following a decisive victory over Republican John McCain in the presidential years later, in the .

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As Election Day draws close, it is worth simply reiterating the evidence in front of our nose that this republic is in serious danger. How Barack Obama’s understanding of his place in the world, as a mixed-race American with a multicultural upbringing affected his presidency.

Aug 30,  · In , a one-term senator from Illinois took the stage to deliver the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention . Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court has been deeply shaped by the needs and mores of the executive branch.

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