Consumer attitude toward sst in banks

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Consumer attitude toward sst in banks

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Journal of Business Research, 59 7—barriers in using self-service technology in supermarkets may affect a consumer’s attitude toward adopting SST. Various studies have investigated the impact of demographics, suggesting that noted that first time experience was a crucial determinant of attitude to SST adoption.

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strongly as expected. Some researchers (Chiu, ; Schlosser, ) identify attitudes towards internet banking to be the consumer‟s positive or negative feelings related to accomplishing the banking behavior on the internet. It can therefore be inferred that customer attitudes can affect the adoption of internet banking.

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Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin This research has investigated cognitive, demographic, and situational determinants of consumer preference for SST over personnel-in-contact.

Consumer attitude toward sst in banks

The conceptual framework emphasizes the influence of cognitive efforts needed to understand the service and use the technology on preference for SST.