Debate there should be no exams

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Debate there should be no exams

The term 'comprehensive school' is used in a number of different senses. For the purposes of the Ministry's statistical returns, secondary schools are classified as comprehensive where they are intended to provide all the secondary education facilities needed by the children of a given area, but without being organised in clearly defined sides Hansard House of Commons 4 March Vol Col W.

Eccles Horsbrugh's successor, Sir David Eccles, was equally hostile to comprehensive reorganisation. In a speech to grammar-school teachers shortly after his appointment in Octoberhe said that, with regard to the pattern of secondary education, one has to choose between justice and equality, for it is impossible to apply both principles at once.

Those who support comprehensive schools prefer equality. Her Majesty's present government prefer justice. My colleagues and I will never allow local authorities to assassinate the grammar schools quoted in The Schoolmaster 7 January At the annual Conference of the National Union of Teachers three months later he announced his new slogan: He attacked comprehensive schools as an 'untried and very costly experiment'.

In his speech, which was 'an odd mixture of progressive modernising ideas and a reactionary traditionalism' Simon With Anthony Eden now Prime Minister, Eccles circulated a memorandum on Secondary Education 20 April outlining the 'counter-measures' he was taking to preserve the tripartite system.

Selection for nobody means comprehensive schools with grammar schools abolished and parents' choice practically ruled out. The Socialists support this policy on the principle of fair shares for all.

Debate there should be no exams

Selection for everybody means developing in each secondary modern school some special attraction and giving parents the widest possible scope quoted in Simon He would encourage secondary modern schools to offer 'special courses with a clear vocational interest', thus ensuring that 'each school will be able to offer something special that cannot be had elsewhere in the area'.

This, he argued, would reduce parental complaints about selection.

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In conclusion, he claimed that most teachers were now 'against comprehensive schools and in favour of helping the secondary moderns' quoted in Simon The Conservatives' commitment to the tripartite system was made clear in their election manifesto: What matters in education is the development of the child's talents and personality, not the forwarding of a political theory.

To prepare for the increasing opportunities of the modern world we need all three kinds of secondary school, grammar, modern and technical, and we must see that each provides a full and distinctive education. We shall not permit the grammar schools to be swallowed up in comprehensive schools Conservative election manifesto The Tories won the election and Eccles continued to block the comprehensivisation schemes of local authorities, notably those of Oldham, Bradford, Manchester, Swansea, Carlisle and Walsall.

In Manchester, plans involving five schools had gone ahead and the reorganised schools were due to open in September Eccles intervened just four days before the school term began, and a selection test had to be hurriedly arranged so that the children could be 'unscrambled and classified to fit the three types of school available' Simon In Swansea, Eccles prevented four secondary schools becoming 'multilateral' schools.

He told the authority he would not agree 'to the extinction of the existing grammar schools, whose traditions were too good and too precious to be endangered' quoted in Simon Carlisle finally withdrew its proposals under pressure from Eccles, though Walsall 'carried on a continuous battle, especially against ministerial procrastination' Simon Lloyd The Tory policy of obstructing comprehensivisation continued under Lord Hailsham, who was Minister for just eight months, and then under Geoffrey Lloyd, who succeeded him in September Lloyd apparently believed that class was no longer an issue in education.

In his first major speech - at the opening of Brunel College of Technology at Acton - he declared that Few people now remember the extreme class bitterness between the aristocracy and the rising middle class in the nineteenth century, because almost in a generation the public schools merged the two contestants to form what became known as the governing class.

As I see it, the old class issues are dying and we should help them to die quickly quoted in Middleton and Weitzman Secondary Education for All: As under Eccles, comprehensive schools would be allowed only in country districts with sparse populations or on new housing estates where there were no existing schools, and local authorities would not be allowed to close grammar schools simply in order that a new comprehensive school may enjoy a monopoly of the abler children within its area.

It cannot be right that good existing schools should be forcibly brought to an end, or that parents' freedom of choice should be so completely abolished quoted in Simon In their manifesto for the October election, the Tories promised 'a massive enlargement of educational opportunity at every level' and declared: We shall defend the grammar schools against doctrinaire Socialist attack, and see that they are further developed.

We shall bring the modern schools up to the same high standard. Then the choice of schooling for children can be more flexible and less worrying for parents.

This is the right way to deal with the problem of the 'eleven-plus' Conservative election manifesto Meanwhile, a raft of reports published in the space of just four years all endorsed the findings of the report Early Leaving in warning of inadequacies in various aspects of education:Breast self-exam, or regularly examining your breasts on your own, can be an important way to find a breast cancer early, when it’s more likely to be treated successfully.

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Debate there should be no exams

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Commentaries allow Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector (HMCI) and others in Ofsted to share their thoughts on different aspects of our education system and children’s services.

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