Demystifying popular myths about africa

This invariably means topics like life insurance hardly crop up. Those who buy life insurance, some wrongly believe, are inviting death-which is inevitable anyway. Financial guru Betty Achapa, in a separate interview with this writer, emphasized the importance of planning for such eventualities like death or hospitalization. In her videos on YouTube touching on life insurance, Ms Achapa points out at the wrong perception most Africans have on insurance.

Demystifying popular myths about africa

Demystifying popular myths about africa

Now, after fifty one years it may be time to unravel and demystify what took place during those fateful six days in June. There is the myth of the existential threat which called for Israel to engage in a preemptive strike which started the war, then there is the myth of the greatness of the Israeli army and its remarkable abilities, and there is a claim which one can argue is also Demystifying popular myths about africa myth, that it was this war that changed the face of the Middle East forever.

Then, there is an even greater myth and that is that Palestine was occupied as a result of the war. That the West Bank and The Gaza Strip, which are no more than two small parts of Palestine artificially created when Israel was established, are The Occupied Palestinian territories, as opposed to two areas within occupied Palestine.

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However, they did not mean the partition of Palestine into two states as was mandated by the November United Nations resolution, resolution They had something very different in mind. They and others like them saw an opportunity to solve the Palestinian question by dividing the country on terms that were far more favorable to Israel.

The rationale behind their thinking could not have been clearer. Keeping territories with such a large Arab population would upset the Jewish majority and was detrimental to the Jewish state.

In the aftermath of the war the Arab regimes surrounding Israel were weaker and more demoralized than ever before, the Palestinians had no allies on which to rely and so, what choice did they have? For Israel this meant solidifying the conquest of and securing the borders it established in which were in violation of UN resolutions and international law.

It also allowed Israel to keep the western part of Jerusalem, which also was taken in even though the city was not to be under the sovereignty of any state. These liberal Zionists, even with their impeccable Zionist credentials were pushed aside and ridiculed to the point that they were considered radicals and even traitors for suggesting that Israel should allow the creation of a Palestinian state anywhere in mandatory Palestine, or the Land of Israel.

As this question was being debated, both in Israel and on the international arena, Israel embarked on a dedicated campaign of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and destruction of Palestinian towns and communities all over East Jerusalem and the West Bank, and at the same time invested heavily in building for Jews only.

Today it is clear that neither war torn Syria nor the Palestinians are able to make any demands of Israel at this point.

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Fifty one years after the war the time has come to dismantle the myths and undo the legends that were created in its aftermath. The Israeli army was able to defeat the Arab armies not because of some extraordinary powers but because the Arab armies were in disarray and the Israeli generals knew it.

It was not the war that changed the Middle East but rather the war onwhich is more accurately defined as the ethnic cleansing campaign of Palestine. Palestinians in other parts of Palestine, what has become known as pre Israel, live below the poverty line with little access to resources and under laws that discriminate against them specifically.

There can be little doubt that all of Israel is occupied Palestine and that there are no Palestinian territories which are not occupied. A just solution must realize the right of all Palestinians to a life of freedom and dignity without discrimination in their own country and must include the right of all Palestinians to return to their homes and their lands.Antennas of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), on the Chajnantor Plateau in the Chilean Andes.

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The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, two companion galaxies to our own Milky Way galaxy, can be seen as bright smudges in the night sky, in the centre of the photograph.

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Demystifying popular myths about africa

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From the freaky show-stoppers that give more chills than the finest horror movies, to lighter and funny legends passed from time immemorial, Africa has the most diverse stories to tell. Top 10 African Myths | The African Exponent.

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It is disturbing how misconstrued the perception of Africa is in the West. When people think of Africa, most think of disease, war, famine. We are rarely thought of in a positive light - very few people think beaches, beautiful culture, breathtaking infrastructure, investment hub.

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