Essay on gujarat in gujarati language

Grammatically, a new plural marker of -o developed.

Essay on gujarat in gujarati language

Essay on Gujarati Language Words Article shared by: Essay on Gujarati Language! Gujarati evolved from a dialect of the Gurjara Apabhramsa.

It reached a distinctive form by the 12th century. Jain influence is strongly evident in the early stages of its development. Jain authors transformed the Rasa, originally a folk dance, into melodious dramatic poetry. In the eleventh century, due to the development of trade and commerce, the religious influence of Jainism and that of Hinduism, and the encouragement provided by Siddhraj, Solanki and Vaghela Rajputs, literary activities flourished.

In the context of gradual evolution, the history of Gujarati literature is generally classed into three broad periods: However, Gujarati literature and its tremendous maturation and proficiency have been traced back to the Muzaffarid dynasty, which had provided the sultans of Gujarat in western India from to The first four centuries of the second millennium AD— Praag Narsinh-Yug—saw the emergence of the distinguished Jain monk and scholar Hemchandracharya Suri, one of the earliest scholars of Prakrit and Apabhramsha grammars and the mother of the Gujarati language.

He wrote Kavyanushasana, a handbook or manual of poetry, Siddha-haima-shabdanushasana, Prakrit and Apabhramsha grammars, and Desinamamala, a list of words of local origin. The earliest writings in this language were by Jaina authors.

Rasas were long poems which were essentially heroic, romantic or narrative in nature. The earliest work in Gujarati prose was written in by Tarunaprabha Balavabodha. During the fifteenth century, Gujarati literature was deeply influenced by the Bhakti movement.

Narsinh Mehta AD was the foremost poet. This period also experienced the colossal Puranic revival, which led to the rapid growth and maturation of devotional poetry in Gujarati literature. Meera and Dayaram, along with Narsinh Mehta, were foremost contributors of the sagun bhakti dhara. Meera supplied many padas Verse.

Premanand Bhatt elevated the Gujarati language and literature to a new height. The nirgun bhakti dhara was represented by again Narsinh Mehta. From the middle of the 19th century, Gujarati came under the strong western influence, due to colonial residence. Modern Gujarati literature is associated with Dalpatram who wrote Vinacharitra and Narmad who wrote the first Gujarati dictionary, the Narmakosh.

It is a history of the world, and also an authority on poetics. Ranchhodlal Udayaram Dave is seen as a groundbreaker in the art of play- writing in Gujarati.

Other dramatists of note were Dalpatram, Narmad and Navalram. Poet Nhanalal, author of Vasantotsava and Chitradarshanan epic referred to as Kuruksetra, outshone in his apadya gadya or rhyming prose.

Govardhanram Tripathiauthor of Saraswatichandra, was among the celebrated novelists of Gujarati literature. During the period of influence of Gandhi, Gujarat Vidyapith became the nerve-centre of all literary activities.

Novels, short stories, diaries, letters, plays, essays, criticisms, biographies, travel books and all kinds of prose began to flood Gujarati literature. Modern Gujarati prose was given prominence by KM.

During the s, there could be witnessed a rise in communistic poetry and this inspired a movement for progressive literature in Gujarati.

Poets like Umashankar, Sundaram, Shesh, Snehrashmi and Betai, amongst others, centred on the existing social order, the struggle for independence and the travails of Mahatma Gandhi himself.

The Gujarati novel was also made a household name by G. In the s and the s, poetry dominated. Post-independence Gujarati poetry revealed greater subjectivity and explored newer philosophies, thoughts and imagery. The poems are very subjective and brutal.

Post-independence prose literature had two distinct trends:The Gujarati language is more than years old and is spoken by more than 55 million people worldwide.

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Essay on gujarat in gujarati language

Login; Search for My Tongue is about the conflict between the poet’s first language, Gujarati and the foreign language she now uses, English. The poet is worried that she will lose. VCE Outcome 3: Language analysis Essay In a language analysis, your first paragraph and introduction should address the context of the piece of writing in terms of: .

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Essay on gujarat in gujarati language

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