Ethical actions worksheet

Teachers can modify the worksheets to fit the needs of each class. The three years and eight months of the Second World War were probably the most glorious period in U.

Ethical actions worksheet

Classroom practices are about more than school rules. Every classroom has its standard operating procedures, basic rules authored by you or your school, or a bit of both. In your ethical classroom, you teach beyond rules, to the underlying reasons why certain behaviors are necessary for the greater good of all.

Another way to approach ethical codes of conduct is to form Ethical actions worksheet agreement with your students describing a certain standard of behavior expected to be met by all. The Golden Rule, rules.

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In your ethical classroom, you create a community that learns, explores shares, cooperates, and supports the important work that occurs there, based on a core philosophy, the golden rule.

When in doubt, each member of your classroom community is expected to behave in the way in which he or she would hope that all others would behave.


All classroom members accepted here, unconditionally. If there is one priceless lifetime gift you can give to your students, it is a setting in which each of them is an integral part of a valuable group with a common and important goal. For those who may never have had this type of unconditional acceptance before, it will be an experience that provides a sense of positive self esteem that will serve them for a lifetime.

For those who may not yet have learned about the personal enrichment a diverse group can deliver, your ethical classroom will deliver an opportunity to enjoy just that.

In your ethical classroom, automatically, every member of its community is unconditionally accepted, supported, and respected, and thus, is an environment everyone, including you, can grow and reach for the stars.Action Awards Changes Changes to the Boy Scout Advancement requirements have caused some minor changes to the requirements for the Outdoor Ethics Action Awards.

Boy Scout. Award changes. University of Phoenix Material Ethical Actions Worksheet The only thing that was supersizing to me was how detailed it actually was, both the University of Phoenix Student Code of Conduct and the Student Code of Academic Integrity.

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STEP ONE: IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM! What is causing the qualm, uneasiness, apprehension, and moral concern?

Ethical actions worksheet

What is Digital Citizenship? Digital Citizenship refers to the rights & responsibilities of participating in today’s global society and economy.

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