Hamilton county judges solution on managerial report

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Hamilton county judges solution on managerial report

Contrast this with the original constitutional language for the other house of Congress, "The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, chosen by the Legislature thereof for six Years The phrase "chosen by the Legislature" was changed to "elected by the people" by the 17th Amendment, but not until In other words, from the beginning the House of Representatives was intended to be exactly what its name suggests - representative of the people.

Note that in the Tea Party, and some Republican politicians, called for repeal of the 17th Amendment, eliminating the popular vote for Senators. While most Republican politicians have backed away from that view, many Tea Party chapters continue to demand its repeal.

Textbook models suggest how members of the House of Representatives may fulfill their constitutional duty to "represent" - the delegate model, the trustee model, the oversight model, and the service model.

A weakness of these models is that they ignore the pervasive influence of interest groups, partisanship, and political money campaign contributions on the behavior of congressional reps. To what extent do these factors interfere with effective representation?

Before writing your initial post, review the assigned resources. After researching your representative by using the assigned resources, identify one important issue directly related to your rep's committee or subcommittee work in Congress.

Summarize your representative's position on this focus issue as described on his or her website or illustrated by legislation sponsored by your rep.

Be concrete and specific. Avoid vague generalities like "my representative is for jobs" or "my Congressman is for national security.

Justify your assessment from two perspectives: How well does your rep's position on that issue reflect your district's likely preferences or broad interests on the issue? Support your inferences about the district with fact-based evidence - not just your opinion about the district or your rep's position on the focus issue.

Demonstrate how your rep does or does not reflect his or her constituency on this issue. Consider your rep's committee memberships and seniority.

Discuss fact-based evidence about how interest groups, political party loyalty, or campaign money may influence your representative.

Can these influences weaken his or her effectiveness as a true "representative" of the district? Consider whether the district is considered a "safe" seat or a competitive district.

Put on your critical thinking cap to respond to this aspect of the question.Managerial Report Prepare a report with your rankings of the judges. 6. The probability of reversal given an appeal for each judge. At a minimum.

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5. the verdict stands as rendered. Hamilton County Judges Hamilton County judges try thousands of cases per year. You are called in to assist in the data analysis. Documents Similar To Case.

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Hamilton county judges solution on managerial report

Hamilton County Judges 1 Hamilton County Judges try thousands of cases each year within the three major court systems of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations, and Municipal Court.

This is an in depth look at the total cases disposed, appealed, and reversed over a three year measurement period. Managerial Report About Hamilton Country Judges Summary Judges in Hamilton Country dispose many cases every year.

In these cases, there are appealed ones and even reversed ones, which shows mistakes judges make in working process. These judges serve in three different courts; there are Common Pleas Court, Domestic Relation Court, and Municipal Court%(12). Kristin Eldridge Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, baby, children, and family photography servicing Long Beach, Orange County, and Los Angeles.

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Hamilton county judges solution on managerial report

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Critical Thinking for Hamilton County Judges