How to overwrite a file upload in php

This tutorial deals with how you can transfer a file to your web server using a free FTP client known as FileZilla. I will describe the Windows version of this program, but if you use another operating system, chances are that it works very similarly. Download and Install FileZilla First, go to the FileZilla download page and obtain the appropriate version for your system.

How to overwrite a file upload in php

Download source code - It is designed for use in an intranet site. The file uploader displays an overwrite warning as a popup or a warning message. The overwritten file is archived with a time stamp appended to the filename. Checking if the file already exists turned out to be the biggest obstacle.

Background I needed a file uploader dialog box for my ASP Classic intranet site but I couldn't find anything that met my needs. I wanted to prompt the user before overwriting an existing file.

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Also, I wanted the selected filename to be displayed after the upload was complete. It seems that the FileUploader control clears the filename after uploading a file. I also needed the old file to be archived for the user. The project is self contained with all the needed files and images to run as a demo.

Directory permissions must be correctly set on the server to allow the Internet guest account to write to the directories. Variables must be set in the sample HTML page and in the web.

Be sure you set testupload. The code can be published into a subdirectory on the website by changing the root directory setting in the web. Don't forget to set the virtual directory to ASP.

The IE routine uses the showModalDialog window opener to display the dialog. Non-IE browsers will use the regular window. The file name is returned to the parent page to populate the textbox with either the full server path or a partial path according to the web.

The calling arguments are set in the parent page to control the function of the overwrite prompt. The overwrite prompt can be set to a popup, non-popup message, or no prompt.

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NET program's JavaScript listed below. We can now use the System. IO library to check if the file exists on the server.But I select the same image twice to upload everything is fine, but if I select a different image to upload, Wordpress automatically adds an number to the file: Result on first upload: jpg Result on second upload (same file, with same id): jpg.

how to overwrite a file upload in php

Definition and Usage. The copy() function copies a file. This function returns TRUE on success and FALSE on failure. Syntax. Jun 28,  · hi, i am using sftp to transfer files between two servers, if i connect to a remote server using sftp n moves a file say "Stxt" to the remote server, it moves successfully, but when i try to execute the same sftp script to move the same files to the same remote server, the old file is not replaced with the new one.

i want the new file to overwrite the old file. how can i do this.. is there. This is most likely due to file permissions. Are the files you are trying to overwrite owned by the same user you are logging in with?

Does that user have write permission on the files you are trying to overwrite? Build, test and deploy something new. Free for 60 days. Get started for $5/mo with. Sep 11,  · The Drive API allows you to upload file data when creating or updating a File resource.

You can send upload requests in any of the following ways: Simple upload: quick transfer of a small file (5 MB or less). See also the file_uploads, upload_max_filesize, upload_tmp_dir, post_max_size and max_input_time directives in PHP also supports PUT-method file uploads as used by Netscape Composer and W3C's Amaya clients.

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