How to write a 30 second commercial script

Think about the last time someone asked you to tell them a little about yourself.

How to write a 30 second commercial script

In some ways, they represent the pinnacle of the craft of videography, because most must convey their message clearly and persuasively in thirty seconds or less. Beginning videographers can learn a great deal about the craft of video production by simply watching commercials.

But they can learn even more by shooting a few. Each year companies spend millions of dollars producing television spots designed to sell a product or promote an idea. In fact, simple can be better.

The key to a successful commercial spot is to make sure that the viewer receives the message. While some commercials are loaded with lots of shots to speed up the excitement, most commercials average 15 to 20 shots.

how to write a 30 second commercial script

Counting the number of shots will give you an indication of pacing. The following script and storyboard, Big Bucks Lotto, illustrates how easy it can be to create a second commercial without a Spielberg budget. All you need is a female actor, a cat and a comfortable-looking house.

This is a no-frills commercial that most working people can relate to.

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Furthermore, it paints an image for viewers of the consequence of buying the product lottery tickets. Big Bucks Lotto begins with a woman who is facing a typical Monday workday.

As the commercial progresses, she discovers that she has won the lottery, and so no longer needs to worry about going to work that morning.

The spot begins with several CU closeup shots to establish subjects and items in the house that are serene and comforting. As the commercial continues, a series of medium and closeup shots underscore what the commercial is about. The lesson underlying this mock commercial is that every good video achieves its goal, in this case, to inform and persuade the viewer, quickly and concisely.

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Blaine Howeson produces local commercial spots for a network affiliate.Even a second, single-voice radio spot that speaks directly to the consumer needs to be a story. If you were to break up your copy into paragraphs (as you’ll see in the example below), each paragraph is the equivalent of a chapter in a book or a scene in a story.

Sep 24,  · Chad Smith of explains the importance of preparing a personal 30 commercial that explains who you are and what you . Mar 02,  · Create a script and keep your script to a few simple statements.

how to write a 30 second commercial script

A second PSA will typically require about 5 to 7 concise assertions. Highlight . With an hour long television series episode, you write a Teaser scene, followed by Act One, Act Two, Act Three, Act Four, and sometimes Act Five, depending upon the show.

If you need a visual cue, just watch an hour long show like Grey’s Anatomy, or whatever else, and pay keen attention to the commercial breaks.

Writing a Radio Script

Example TV Commercial Script Shooting Location: Football Field Tunnel Director(s): Ron Winderman Actor(s); Joe Greene, Kid, Background fans Editor(s): Sally Theis. How to Write and Format VO Scripts; Script Timer - Words to Time Calculator Convert the length of your script to the time it will take to read it.

The Calculator; Statistics; Average number of lines per second spot: ; Average number of lines per second spot: 15; Word Count.

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