How to write a opinion editorial

In a letter to the editor or opinion piece, you can bring up information not addressed in a news article, and can create the impression of widespread support or opposition to an issue. When you write a letter to the editor, be sure to do the following. Adhere to word count requirements.

How to write a opinion editorial

Editorials start with a description of an issue or problem, lay out a view they disagree with about it, strive to demolish that view with evidence and argument, and propose what the writer believes to be a better solution or a better way of looking at the situation.

How Editorials Are Born At some publications, the point of view an editorial takes is chosen by an editorial board, a group how to write a opinion editorial decides together what slant the article will take.

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At small community newspapers, the editorial board may consist of the publisher or editor and possibly even her significant other or the people she has lunch with. Editorial boards choose the candidates a publication supports during an election.

In theory, editorial boards are free of any influence from outside forces and especially from advertisers; throughout publishing history, this has not always been the case. Preparing to Write Your Editorial Compose a simple, strong statement of the point you intend to make.

Read what others have had to say on the subject, especially those who hold the opposite opinion. Beginning Your Editorial Start with your summary sentence, stated as if it were objective fact.

The rest of your introductory paragraph should be straight news reporting, as if you were writing an article lead: Tell the reader who, what, when, where and why. Smalltown City Council members have hired and fired three city managers in the past five years.

how to write a opinion editorial

In two of the cases, lawsuits have been settled out of court and details have been withheld from the public. School districts all over America have been reporting that a simple mindfulness education program reduces fights and suspensions and raises test scores, and students report feeling calmer and more able to concentrate.

Meanwhile, Smalltown schools have been experiencing unwelcome national attention after a school bus bullying incident went viral on social media last November. Skewering Your Opponents Make sure you fully understand the point of view of people who disagree with your argument.

how to write a opinion editorial

Present their point of view and then demolish it with facts. Mayor Joe Jones has repeated, as recently as last week, that everything is "just fine. When the idea of a mindfulness program was raised at a school board meeting last week, trustee Brian Brown argued that such programs are "New Age malarkey" and might violate the law against promoting religion in public school.

But modern mindfulness practice is a simple behavior, not a belief system, and its benefits are backed up by an increasing body of solid scientific evidence. Making Your Point State a strong point and back it up with objective evidence.

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Continue with an even stronger point and do the same, saving your strongest argument for last. Let solid research, revealing anecdotes and sound logic speak directly to the reader. Keep your tone authoritative and reasonable; avoid sounding arrogant or shrill.

The current city council is failing to keep up with road maintenance. Oak Street has become impassable since the sinkhole opened up in January.

But most disturbing of all are the allegations made against Jones by Smythe, which if proven in a court of law will result in a felony conviction. Wrapping It Up Conclude your editorial by restating your main premise, using an especially powerful quote or anecdote that supports your point of view.

Tell the reader how your suggestion solves the problem, and urge her to take or support action that will make it happen.

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Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.An editorial is the only type of newspaper writing that is SUBJECTIVE (biased, opinionated, non-neutral), unlike objective articles that are non-biased, neutral, lack opinion and are based solely on facts.

Opinion essay Opinion essay is a formal piece of essay writing which presents the author’s point of view on a particular subject supported by reasons and examples.

The opposing viewpoint is also suggested, it goes with arguments that show that it is unconvincing. How to Write an Editorial. Kevin Parrish, Opinion Page editor at The Record, says he essentially looks for four things when choosing opinion pieces to run in the paper. opinion.

Columnists; Columnists The costs of endless warfare are piling up. Read Story Algernon D'Ammassa Las Cruces Sun-News. Letters Editorial A more full accounting of abuse in Church.

Editorial or Column

Many publications have word-count limitations. Some publications have multiple opinion sections, with different rules for word counts.

If this is the case, choose the section you write to based on the topic that you are writing about. Salamone, M.J.. "How to Write a Letter to the Editor." Synonym, https: How to Write a Letter to a. There’s a game Democrats need to play, beginning now [Opinion] The pre-election “blue wave” mantra in Texas was always a little over the top.

In Harris and Dallas counties, it was believable.

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