Ifa1 accounting

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Ifa1 accounting

I'm currently a second year student studying Actuarial Studies in BComm. I usually make s Overall the content is pretty interesting and there are lots of exercises provided for practice tutorial questions and past exams.

There are two assignments and two quizzes. The quizzes are easy while assignments are more time consuming and requires a lot of effort.

Anonymous, Semester 2, To do well in this subject, you need to master the lectures and tutorial questions. Consistent practice and making summaries are necessary at least for me. To score well on the final exam, do bunch of past papers because Warren's exam questions are similar to previous papers.

Overall, great introductory subject for accounting major. Anonymous, Semester 1, This subject requires lots of practice tutorial questions, textbook questions and practice exams but is is a great introduction to Financial Accounting. Make sure to stay on top of things as each week builds upon another, and completing and understanding tutorials timely would help greatly.

Overall, a great introductory Accounting subject! Anonymous, Semester 1, Everything was hard for me.

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My tutor was especially helpful though! Anonymous, Semester 1, Hi this is an excellent subject to educate yourself about the realm of accounting!

Exam was harder than I was expecting, so I'm glad I still studied as hard as I otherwise would have, with the intention of it being a WAM booster.

Ifa1 accounting

Anonymous, Semester 2, Great lecturer. Pretty easy to grasp especially if you did Year 12 Accounting. Anonymous, Semester 2, application focused accounting foundational subject.

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Practice is highly important in assisting understanding of accounting techniques. Overall it is a simple subject that suits everyone regardless of whether you are pursuing an accounting degree Anonymous, Semester 2, Feb 05,  · Be surprised if you cant do both Intermediate Mirco and IFA1 (particularly as you currently doing OB) the next subjects in the majors, this will give you more taste of both majors before deciding.

Ifa1 accounting

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Adnan Tareen, Unsung Gender Equality Hero, Asian Development Bank (ADB) Uploaded by ADBGAD We honor Asian Development Bank . View Homework Help - IFA1 from ACCOUNTING ACCT at University of the West Indies at St. Augustine.

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