Midterm cheat sheet

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Midterm cheat sheet

Ethical Decision a decision deemed right according to a standardBusiness Ethics using moral standards for business situations. Anything given to a person in a business deal is classified as a bribe. Conflict of interest arises when an employee has a personal circumstance that interferes with his obligation or when he uses his status in the company for personal gain.

Factors that influence ethical behaviors. Significant others spouses, relatives, and friends can change what is ethical and unethical in the workplace. Use of InternetOpportunity as a Factor Affecting EthicsPresence of Opportunity Opportunity is the amount of freedom an organization gives an employee to behave unethically.

For example, one person is on register handling Midterm cheat sheet and another is serving the food, not one doing both.

Basically stricter punishments for misconduct in a business environment. Code of ethics a guide that shows acceptable and ethical behavior by an organization. It shows the uniform policies, standards, and punishment for violations. Whistle-Blowing informing the press or government officials about unethical practices within ones organization.

Basically means what you see is what you get and if its not what you expected then too bad. Socioeconomic Model of Social Responsibility business should emphasize the impact of its decisions on Midterm cheat sheet.

The Right to Safety the products they purchase must be safe for their intended use, must include thorough and explicit directions for proper use, and must be tested by the manufacturer to ensure product quality and reliability.

Corrective can be expensive, increase number of law suits, and consumer demand. Right to be Informed consumer must have access to complete information about ingredients and nutrition must be provided on food containers, information about fabrics and laundering methods must be attached to clothing and lenders must disclose the true cost of borrowing the money they make available to customers who purchase merchandise on credit.

The Right to be Heard The companies must listen and take appropriate action when customers complain. The Right to Consumer Education people are able to be informed about their rights as consumers. Affirmative Action Program a plan that increases the number of minority employees at all levels of the organization.

Hard-core Unemployed workers with little education or vocational training and a long history of unemployment. Pollution the contamination of water, air, or land through the actions of people.

Air PollutionAviation emission of carbon dioxide from the jets causes air pollution and the carbon dioxide combined with other gases cause a stronger effect on the atmosphere. Carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, weather and geography affect the air pollution.

Land PollutionIssues with land Pollution is that: Developing a Program of Social ResponsibilityWe need these four steps 1 Commitment of Top Executives 2 Planning 3 Appointment of a Director 4 The Social Audit a comprehensive report of what an organization has done and is doing with regard to social issues that affect it.

This is what they use in order to know whether or not to fix social responsibilityFunding the Program 1 Management can pass the cost on to consumers at a higher price 2 The Corporation may have to absorb the cost; it turns into a business expense and profit is reduced 3 The Federal Government can pay for all or part through tax reductions.

Importing purchasing raw materials or products in other nations and bringing them into ones own country. Balance of Trade the total value of its exports minus the total value of its imports over some period of time.

If the country imports more than it exports, the balance of trade is negative, or unfavorable.

This fall, Americans choose who controls Congress for the next 2 years

Trade Deficit a negative balance of tradep. Balance of Payments the total flow of money into a country minus the total flow of money out of that country over some period of time.

Midterm cheat sheet

Revenue tariffs imposed solely to generate income for the government. Protective Tariffs imposed to protect a domestic industry from competition by keeping the price of competing imports levels with or higher than the price of similar domestic products.

Dumping the exportation of large quantities of a product at a price lower than that of the same product in the home marketNontariff Barriers a nontax measure imposed by a government to favor domestic over foreign suppliersEx. Import Quota a limit on the amount of a particular good that may be imported into a country during a given period of time.

Embargo a complete halt to trading with a particular nation or of a particular product. Foreign-Exchange Control a restriction on the amount of a particular foreign currency that can be purchased or sold.

Currency Devaluation the reduction of the value of a nations currency relative to the currencies of other countriesp. Reasons for Trade Restrictions: Bill of Lading document issued by a transport carrier to an exporter to prove that merchandise has been shipped.

Draft issued by the exporters bank, ordering the importers bank to pay for the merchandise, thus guaranteeing payment once accepted by the importers bank. Joint Ventures a partnership formed to achieve a specific goal or to operate for a specific period of time.

Totally Owned Facilities its own production and marketing facilities in one or more foreign nations. Direct Investment provides complete control over operations, but it carriers a greater risk than the joint venture.

Euro factories supplying neighboring countries as well as their own local marketStrategic Alliance a partnership formed to create competitive advantage on a worldwide basis.Cheat Sheet for Geometry Midterm (only includes official postulates, theorems, corollaries and formulas) points, lines, planes, intersections, • Through any two points there is exactly one line.

• Through any three noncollinear points there is . CS - Midterm \Cheat Sheet" 1 Input/Output Reading input from the user raw input(message): Displays message to the user and returns what the user typed as.

Jul 20,  · A Cheat Sheet to Catch Up on the Supreme Court Nomination. Scheduling fights in the Senate. Student evaluations. Here’s a distilled version of .

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Midterm cheat sheet

How about receiving a customized one? Check it out. Cheat Sheet. Pre-Calculus For Dummies Cheat Sheet. From Pre-Calculus For Dummies, 2nd Edition.

By Yang Kuang, Elleyne Kase. Pre-Calculus bridges Algebra II and Calculus. Pre-calculus involves graphing, dealing with angles and geometric shapes such as circles and triangles, and finding absolute values.

You discover new ways to record solutions. Aug 14,  · Midterm Election Results. Foley & Lardner. Elections – AG Results. Orrick. Recap And Commentary For Arizona's Mid-Term Elections.

Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP. Moving Forward In A Divided Washington: Agenda For The .

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