Negative economic impact of the ppaca essay

Abstract Introduction Lack of health insurance is a barrier to medical care, which may increase the risk of diabetes complications and costs.

Negative economic impact of the ppaca essay

The passing of this law has drastically changed this countries health care system; especially Medicare. During the course of this paper we will explore both positive and negative implications due to the passing of the ACA on some of Americas most vulnerable citizens; the elderly, and how this impact could potentially effect Long-Term Care.

The History, Perks and the Pits of the ACA Most legislative health care reforms come with their fair share of those that support their initiatives and those that feel it will be the beginning to the end of life as we know it.

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The purpose of the ACA includes a lengthy list of health related provisions that started being implemented in and will continue to be rolled out until approx. Health Insurance Glossary, Some of the major initiatives intend to increase health care coverage for millions of uninsured Americans, increase efficiency, lower heath care costs and eliminates the practice of denying coverage to individuals due to pre-existing conditions.

If your an individual that has been affected by any of these particular provisions you will likely be in favor of the ACA. If you find yourself on the opposite side of the fence and do not support the ACA it is likely do to the increased anxiety of potential higher taxes.

Or you could be one of those people that feel like your civil rights have been violated by the government by requiring you to obtain affordable health insurance. Either way, there are many real positive and potentially negative aspects that the ACA has on long-term care for our elderly.

This is a particularly concerning subject as we only anticipate that our aging population will increase in numbers as the baby boomers meet that golden age marker; and with our senior population living longer due to advances in medical technology increasing our life expectancy.

It also insures that patients and doctors have more control over their own health care, not insurance companies. White House Press, As the health care industry is moving towards preventative care measures as a means of creating cost savings to the masses, one of the advantages this shift gives to our elderly is the implementation of free preventative care services like colorectal cancer screenings, mammograms and free annual wellness visits.

White House Press, The methodology behind preventative care and cost savings lies in the thought that preventative measures should keep chronic and costly health illness' at bay.

The cost of the screenings and initial treatments that will hopefully ward off more serious conditions will cost far less then treating the more serious illness' and chronic conditions that could have been prevented.

Sirpal, The ACA also provides patient-centered care through community health teams that work together to establish a more personal and thorough doctor-patient relationship. White house Press, Other efforts outlined in the ACA that helps support the aging population and keep costs minimal is providing community support and coordinating care for the elderly that have had recent hospital stays.

In doing so helps keep seniors from unnecessary and costly return trips to the hospital. Through provisions outlined in the ACA there will also be cost savings associated with the implementation of the ACA for the elderly population.

Negative Economic Impact of the Ppaca Essay Example for Free

With most older Americans that live on a very fixed income this news couldn't be more welcomed. It is anticipated that over the next 20 years Medicare spending will grow at a slower rate then in the previous years extending the life of the Medicare trust fund by 12 years and offer cost savings to people utilizing Medicare.

The savings amount to approx.

Negative economic impact of the ppaca essay

White House Press, All of these paired ACA provisions are thought to bring down heath care spending; in-turn saving American tax payers a great deal of money. The preventative care measures will likely have the greatest impact on the elderly. By utilizing patient-centered care, patients and doctors can better manage the onset of more debilitating age related illness.Jun 30,  · The effects of the law and whether is has a lasting positive or negative effect will be determined by the details of its execution and whether we as a country can move forward and have rational conversations about our future despite different perspectives and values.

- President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law on March 20, Prior to this mandate, individuals with pre-existing conditions were often unable to attain health care coverage. Controversy surrounded health care reform long before the enactment of .

Negative effects of tourism: Drain on Economy: In order to attract the tourists, infrastructure has to be created from the ground up.

Nobody would like to travel to a city if the roads are studded with potholes. Congressional Budget Office, "Budgetary and Economic Effects of Repealing the Affordable Care Act," June 19, Urban Institute and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, " The Cost of ACA Repeal.

Negative Economic Impact of the Patient Protection and Accountable Care Act The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) also referred to as ObamaCare, federal healthcare law, Affordable Care Act, or ACA, is a United States federal Statute signed into law on .

The Impact of the ACA on Long-Term Care. With the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) that has taken place in recent years there has been many questions about the effectiveness of this measure for Americas aging population.

Negative economic impact of the ppaca essay
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