Nivea segmentation

She ran the consultancy, which specialised in product design, positioning and segmentation for nine years. Previously, Clark also spent 15 years with American Express in a range of marketing and product development roles after beginning her career with computer magazine publisher Ziff-Davis Publishing. Clark received both a B.

Nivea segmentation

Nivea Sun Protection Products: A Case Study in Market Segmentation By the Editors A careful market segmentation is critical to successfully selling products; you need to understand what makes different consumers tick and how best to reach them.

Skincare giant Nivea conducted an impressive market research campaign that can be modeled by other firms. First, a little background: Beiersdorf is an international skincare company with leading brands such as Nivea and Eucerin.

They have expanded significantly in the UK market through effective segmentation that matches consumer needs. The company has become the value leader in the field, meaning people spend more on Nivea sun protection products than any other brand. The key was to further segment the sun protection products market by two important factors: Skin type and the climate where the products are used.

Skin types include very light, fair, normal, dark and children who tend to have thinner, lesser developed skin while the climates include moderate, hot and very hot.

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The lighter the skin and the higher the temperature, the higher the SPF that is needed. SPF 20 may be adequate protection for a fair-skinned person in the UK, but SPF 40 might be recommended for the same person if they were in a more tropical environment. Through the use of surveys and focus groups, Nivea was able to determine the attitudinal differences between distinct segments of consumers.

They discovered concerned consumers who were not at all concerned about getting a tan but instead were more focused on protection from sun damage. Conscientious sun lovers love being out in the sun but are concerned about protection.

Nivea used this research to develop their unique brand positioning that includes making sun care as simple as possible, providing education about the importance of protection and finding ways to reinforce that protection message.

One product innovation that came from this research was a product that offered full and instant protection from both UVA and UVB sunrays because many consumers fail to apply such products in the necessary time frame for effectiveness minutes before exposure. Other product innovations have included sprays that are easy to apply, colorful products for children and water-resistant products for both children and adults.

Interested researchers can get an important insight from the Nivea case study: Through targeted research, firms develop an understanding of customer segments that takes buying habits and motivations into account. Using this segmentation, product development and messaging both become more effective and sales and revenue increase.

Nivea segmentation

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There are three ways to classify what the customer wants. It is known as needs, wants and regardbouddhiste.comr, to decide the needs, wants and demands, you need to carry out segmentation in segmentation, the first step is to determine which type of customer will prefer your products.

There are 4 different types of market segmentation and all of them vary in their implementation. A manager can use any one of the four types of segmentation.

Nivea segmentation

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