Organization structure of hbl

The Swiss Bank Program, which was announced on Aug. Swiss banks eligible to enter the program were required to advise the department by Dec. Banks already under criminal investigation related to their Swiss-banking activities and all individuals were expressly excluded from the program. Under the program, banks are required to:

Organization structure of hbl

The Qxford English Dictionary provides the following definitions: Contract management post-executionplacement of orders Organization structure of hbl deliveries, the management of day-to-day supplies, and processing payments, are usually treated as operational responsibilities outside the scope of Procurement though, with the exception of payments, are often included within the scope of Purchasing.

The precise divisions of responsibility vary across organisations, and vary even between categories within individual organisations. For now, let us keep to this general definition. Later, I shall return to variations and other interpretations.

The 3 basic models There are 3 basic models for procurement, any others being a combination of these three: There may be local activity and controls outside the scope of procurement, for example, calling off supply under a centrally negotiated contract.

Decision making is not independent but is controlled in some way by a node, or nodes, on the network. Few large, multi-site businesses operate an entirely centralised or decentralised local procurement model, which brings us to the classification of combinations and hybrid models.

Some categories or specific items or sub-categories are controlled at local level while others are controlled centrally. The degree of autonomy at local level may be determined either by mutual agreement or by mandate, usually from the centre.

In considering the possibility of other models, the existence of a mandate from the Centre may have a bearing. Similarly, a centrally-led network could be mandated or, alternatively, business units could be free to join by choice. Finally there is the possibility of a full hybrid, for example, in large conglomerates it may be sensible to run a networked approach in one division, a federal approach in another, entirely local elsewhere, and with varying lead responsibility at the Centre.

The right model Considering additional models, in my view, adds little to the debate on the choice of an appropriate model.

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For me, the most important aim is to ensure that the responsibilities for procurement are vested in the right people within an organisation. So the ideal model is dictated by the way business needs to be conducted. This contrasts with the oft-used approach of setting up the model e.

Few organisations, especially large ones, can operate without a formal organisation structure. So it is necessaryof course, to make a choice.

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There are a variety of analytical tools to inform that choice, which I shall not go into here. It is also necessary to decide on the use of mandates. I have a very simple guiding principle: This is not a call for democracy. Procurement needs strong leadership. To suggest there is a right model, is provocative.

I have a preference for centrally-led networks but that is influenced to a large extent by the industries and the size of business that I usually operate in, and what I have found to be most appropriate in the prevailing circumstances. Irrespective of what may have worked in the past, perhaps we should focus on what will work in the future.

With increasing emphasis on corporate social responsibility and sustainability, do we need a different approach? Do you have another model or a preferred option?Study On The Organizational Structure Of Hbl Finance Essay Published: November 27, A well developed and appropriately connected structure is an important need for the objectives of organization.

The Risk Management function at HBL manages risk through a framework of sound risk principles which includes an optimum organizational structure as well as well-defined policies and procedures to identify, assess, monitor and mitigate various risks.

Organization structure of hbl

View Essay - HBL-Strategic Management from FINANCE at Virtual University of Pakistan. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT HABIB BANK LIMITED PAKISTAN Project Report 1 STRATEGIC. The first branch of HBL started functioning on 30th August, at Muhammad Ali Road Bombay, where Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah first of all opened his personal account.

Mohammad Ali Habib was a man of stern and persistent will. God. Almighty had bestowed him with extra ordinary capabilities. View Essay - HBL-Strategic Management from FINANCE at Virtual University of Pakistan.

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT HABIB BANK LIMITED PAKISTAN Project Report 1 STRATEGIC. View Essay - HBL structure from FINANCE at Virtual University of Pakistan. Habib bank Limited Introduction of HBL one of the largest Banks of Pakistan with branches. established in

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