Phileas fogg

Steamer the China across the Atlantic Ocean to Liverpool and rail. While disembarking in Egypt, they are watched by a Scotland Yard detective, Detective Fix, who has been dispatched from London in search of a bank robber. Since Fogg fits the vague description Scotland Yard was given of the robber, Detective Fix mistakes Fogg for the criminal. Since he cannot secure a warrant in time, Fix boards the steamer the Mongolia conveying the travelers to Bombay.

Phileas fogg

His cane of many inventions Fate Shares a kiss with Monique after making it to the top step of the Royal Academy of Science after winning the bet. Quote "Is there no man brave enough to be my valet?

Phileas Fogg

I learnt of new cultures. I flew across an ocean. Who cares if I lost a wager? Role in the film Phileas Fogg is first seen testing out his latest invention in the garden of his mansion with his French valet, Jean Michel whom he mistakenly calls Pierre.

Phileas fogg

He tends to prove that man can break the mph speed barrier without disrupting his internal organs. When he states to Jean Michel that they "will make history or die trying," Jean Michel gets Phileas fogg up and refuses to be catapulted, electrocuted, or have his internal organs disrupted any longer and quits Fogg.

Jean Michel refers to his former master as "a very sick man. Fogg rhetorically asks himself "if there is no man brave enough to be his valet," his prayer is answered when a Chinese named Lau Xingwho robbed the bank of England earlier in the day and was hiding in a tree of his home, accidentally slips from the tree and drops on the ground next to Fogg.

Lau Xing finally takes the opportunity of being Mr.

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The experiment finally works and is a success until it breaks; causing Lau Xing to fly around London under steam pressure. After accidentally causing some trouble around the streets of London, the pressure runs out of steam Phileas fogg Lau Xing is able to walk again.

Lau Xing then tries to resign from being Mr. Fogg can test with all his other inventions, but then changes his mind when seeing the police arrive. A few days later, Mr. Fogg brings Lau Xing to his home and laboratory as he is shown all kinds of his inventions; including bottled light light bulbs considered undiscovered science from an American named Thomas Edison that turns on with a whistle.

Fogg announces to all the ministers and lords of science; including his arch-nemesis; Lord Kelvin about the success of his early experiment. However, Fogg is insulted by them, who believes that everything worth discovering has already been discovered.

During a discussion, Phileas is pressured into a bet to see whether he can travel around the world in 80 days. Understanding that the journey will take them to China, Passepartout sees this as an opportunity to travel faster and return home to protect it from his enemies.

At first, Phileas feels uncomfortable about his early decision of accepting the wager but Passepartout, being an honest and caring man, encourages him otherwise. Pretending to take Phileas to a science convention with Thomas Edison when seeing Black Scorpions sent by his enemy, General Fang to retrieve the Jade Buddha and disguised as types of French citizens, Passepartout leads him to an art school where Phileas meets Monique La Rochea would-be impressionist.

Fang had previously given the Jade Buddha to Kelvin in exchange for military assistance in China, which is why Passepartout stole it back from the Bank of England in the first place.

There, Passepartout is attacked by the disguised Black Scorpions, whom he manages to defeat countless times victoriously while Phileas and Monique discuss their opinions about Impressionism, paintings, and her drawings.

Whilst on the Orient Express of Munich, Monique learns that Passepartout is trying to return the Jade Buddha back to his village and is travelling with Phileas to get there quickly.

Phileas fogg

Monique keeps his secret in exchange for him convincing Phileas to let her travel with him. After Passepartout stops Inspector Fix from arresting him on the train, the trio travel to Turkey, where the train stops in Istanbul on the tenth day of the journey. Guards climb on board and inform the trio that they are greeted by Prince Hapi and invited to his banquet at his palace.

The men blackmail Prince Hapi into releasing Monique using a prized but apparently flimsy "The Thinker" statue of the Prince sculptured by Rodin himself. He orders the British colonial authorities in India to arrest them both.

On the twenty-fourth day in Agra, India, in a train, Passepartout is seen telling Indian children stories about the famous "Ten Tigers of Canton"; including the most famous of them all, Wong Fei Hung while Fogg does some calculations. After a few discussions about opinions of legends between Fogg and the children, the train is stopped by the British military.

Using Inspector Fix and martial arts by Passepartout and a sextant from his cane of many inventions by Fogg as weapons, they defeat their assailants and flee to China.

On the forty-first day in Lanzhou, China, as Mr.Phileas Fogg is the deuteragonist of 80 Days. He is Passepartout's master and makes the wager that sets the events of the game in motion, betting against members of the Reform Club.

Fogg is a member of the Reform Club and studied the liberal arts at Trinity College, Cambridge. He mentions at one Gender: Male. Apr 01,  · Check out Phileas Fogg by Marc Guillermont on Amazon Music.

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Mar 17,  · In the book, Phileas Fogg, the main character of the novel makes a wager of 20, pounds to circumnavigate the Earth in 80 days on October 2, This unofficial holiday celebrates the wager that set out one of the world's most famous adventure in motion.

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