Prothesis 1882

Martin divided his military cloak cappa and gave half to the beggar at the gate of Amienshe wrapped the other half round his shoulders, thus making of it a cape capella. This cape, or its representative, was afterwards preserved as a relic and accompanied the Frankish kings in their warsand the tent which sheltered it became known also as cappella or capella.

Prothesis 1882

While it is derogatory, in the USA, "gypsy" is still the most-understood term, as "Romani" is not in common use there. Kraus's findings were never published, but they may have influenced or laid the groundwork for later linguists, especially August Pott and his pioneering Darstellung die Zigeuner in Europa und Asien — Romani is an Indo-Aryan language that is part of the Balkan sprachbund.

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It is the only New Indo-Aryan spoken exclusively outside the Indian subcontinent. Romani shares a number of features with the Central Zone languages.

However, Romani is nearer to the Marwari spoken in Rajasthan, India. Domari was once thought to be the "sister language" of Romani, the two languages having split after the departure from the Indian subcontinent, but more recent research suggests that the differences between them are significant enough to treat them as two separate languages within the Central Zone Hindustani group of languages.

The Dom and the Rom therefore likely descend from two different migration waves out of India, separated by several centuries.- of businesses results.

Origin and development George Walkden at New Books in Language: Who were the Indo-Europeans?
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Prothesis 1882

Helen Keller. Dorothea Lange. Romani (/ ˈ r ɒ m ə n i, ˈ r oʊ-/; also Romany; Romani: romani čhib) is any of several languages of the Romani people belonging to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family.

According to Ethnologue, seven varieties of Romani are divergent enough to be considered languages of their largest of these are Vlax Romani (about , speakers), Balkan Romani (,

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