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Safe guarding 333

The property ofhectares covers a diverse mountain landscape from around 2, m. The snow-covered peaks, the numerous tropical glaciers and glacial lakes, the high plateaus intersected by deep ravines with torrential creeks and the variety of vegetation types form a spectacular landscape of rare beauty.

Appreciating the geomorphology and striking landscape beauty it is easy to overlook that the property also boasts noteworthy ecosystem and biodiversity values.

The wide range of ecosystems and vegetation types includes small pockets of montane tropical forests in some of the lower elevations and valleys. Diverse types of Paramo and Puna grasslands and scrublands are the dominant vegetation types in the property, at higher elevations transitioning into tropical tundra.

Huascaran National Park is home to the emblematic Vicuna, which was close to extinction in the s but has since recovered, one of the most spectacular conservation successes in South America. The avifauna boasts more than recorded species, among them the Andean Condor and the Giant Hummingbird.

Around plant species have been documented, the most famous being the endangered Queen of the Andes, known for its giant flower-spike. The entire region has been settled for millennia, as evidenced by the many pre-Columbian manifestations in and around the property. Early inhabitants left remnants of agricultural terraces and corrals, as well as roads, dams and water canals.

Moreover, there are noteworthy cave paintings, stone tombs and countless artefacts. Huascaran National Park covers a considerable part of the Cordillera Blanca, the highest tropical mountain range in the World. The most overwhelming visual feature is the aggregation of 27 snow-capped peaks above 6, m.

From the property's lowest elevations at around m. The snow-covered peaks, the tropical glaciers and glacial lakes, the high plateaus intersected by torrential creeks running in deep ravines and the variety of vegetation types form a spectacular landscape of rare beauty.

Among the rich flora, the famous Queen of the Andes, known for its colossal inflorescence, stands out. The diverse fauna includes charismatic mammals and birds, such as Vicuna, Spectacled Bear and Puma, as well as the Andean Condor and the Giant Hummingbird.

Huascaran is located in the High Andes and includes high plateaus of Puna grasslands, where 6, m peaks and glaciers form a globally notable mountainous region, including over glaciersalmost lakes and 41 tributaries of three important rivers: Underlying the exceptional landscape of Huascaran National Park is a broad spectrum of remarkable ongoing geological features and processes shaping the impressive geomorphology.

The area's geological history and structures are very complex, with serrated peaks and the rugged topography originate from the uplifting of Mesozoic sediments, which were severely folded and faulted by complex tectonic activity at the end of the Cretaceous period and subject to volcanism in the Pliocene and Pleistocene epochs.

To this day there is strong seismic activity in the area, major earthquakes, such as inand serving as cruel reminders. Glaciation is a major element in the geomorphology and hydrology of the property.

It is estimated that as much a quarter of the volume of glacial ice in the Cordillera may have disappeared since the late s, a process which is likely to further change the visual face of Huascaran National Park.

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Safe guarding 333

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