Three motivational methods

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Three motivational methods

No two workers are alike; it can be a challenge to understand what makes each one tick so that you can apply the appropriate motivational technique. A number of motivational theories have been developed over time that can help you get the most out of your workers.

Hierarchy of Needs Psychologist Abraham Maslow developed this theory. It places human needs into five categories ranging from basic survival needs like food and shelter to the need for self-actualization. According to Maslow, once one need is satisfied, an individual seeks to achieve the next level.

Three motivational methods

When applied to work, the theory implies that you the employer must understand the current need level of each employee to know what will motivate them. A new hire who has been unemployed for an Three motivational methods time will likely be driven by the need for basic survival.

On the other hand, a worker concerned with career advancement may be looking to achieve self-actualization, so assigning higher-level tasks may be in order.

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Carrot and Stick This traditional motivational theory, attributed to philosopher Jeremy Bentham, dates back to around during the Industrial Revolution.

It breaks down motivation into two primary components: Some workers are motivated by the desire to attain additional compensation, a yearning to achieve status and power by "moving up the ladder," or the need for praise.

But some workers act out of fear: It postulates that different factors in the work environment result in either satisfaction or dissatisfaction; Herzberg referred to these as "hygiene" factors. Factors that lead to satisfaction include achievement, recognition and advancement, while those causing dissatisfaction include work conditions, salary and peer relationships.

In general, the theory puts forth that supervisors must be able to effectively manage factors leading to satisfaction and dissatisfaction to successfully motivate employees. Management must look for ways to provide job enrichment for workers. Choosing a Motivation Style There are several things to consider when selecting a motivation style.

One factor is your own personality: What motivates you and what type of motivation do you understand best? Using this motivation style may come most naturally to you. Another consideration is the personality of your employee: Not everyone has the same type of character, interests, or goals.

You may have to use a mix of methods to get each of your employee to work to his potential. Theories of Motivation and Their Application in Organizations: A Risk Analysis About the Author Chris Joseph writes for websites and online publications, covering business and technology.The three motivational methods that can be used within an organization are: equity theory, expectancy theory, and goal setting.

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Motivational Methods Motivational Method Motivation is the key element in a workplace and it is extremely important to know the theories, methods, and . Motivational Methods HCS June 4, Motivational Methods Motivation is a key aspect in the organization or workplace, and it is imperative to know the basic theory application and methods dealing with any problems that usually unavoidable for the employee and will come up in any work environment.

Being involved in decision making is one of the best motivation techniques.

Three motivational methods

Catch your employees doing something well and praise them - and if you do this in front of others, it makes the employee feel even better. Giving employees recognition for their efforts will motivate them to repeat the process.

3. Motivational Methods As a manager it is important to utilize methods that will help to motivate your employees. We will discuss three motivational methods that will be assist our department with change as we prepare to downsize%(17).

A lack of motivation without having effective motivation methods and motivation strategies can be a really annoying problem, especially when it becomes an obstacle to your personality development and goals.

May 06,  · Have fun: A great motivational technique is simply just to have fun with what you want to achieve. Make your motivation enjoyable, and do not look at it like a chore. Also, the more you work towards something, the more motivated you will be as you will be able to see that you are getting closer to your Florence Ng.

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