Timeline three hundred years of american

Thousands of immigrants found work on the trans-continental railroad, settling in towns along the way. Word of the California Gold Rush had spread around the world, drawing immigrants from both Asia and Europe. As one immigrant recalled, "I saw the crop.

Timeline three hundred years of american

Parmenter were robbed and killed by gunmen. Sep 21, Women Gain Rights Females advanced in the work force as more women began to get hired for office jobs. They also gained several rights and a freer lifestyle. Inthe 19th Amendment was passed in the United States, granting suffrage to women.

The winner, a year old girl from Washington, D. Dec 5, Prohibition Prohibition of alcohol often referred to simply as prohibition. It means the legal act of prohibiting the manufacture from selling the alcohol and transporting it to people.

The term can also apply to the periods in historic of countries during which the prohibition of alcohol was enforced. May 20, The Spirit of St. On May 20,at 7: His plane, The Spirit of St. Louis, a horsepower monoplane, was named for the Missouri investors who had sponsored his flight.

Timeline three hundred years of american

Jan 22, The empire state building The empire state building has floors in it and it took 7, man hours to build it. I would hope I got paid a lot to clean those windows. It took 57, tons of steel to make the skeleton of the building.

There was 17 million feet of wiring throughout the building. Sep 4, The Great Depression It's almost perverse in a sense, but the more than 47 million people who look forward to their monthly Social Security checks owe it all to the greatest economic depression in U.

Things turned ugly after the stock market crashed Oct. The Great Depression of the s ensued. Billions of dollars were lost as banks and businesses went belly up.

Mar 1, Prohibition Prohibition was a period of nearly fourteen years of U. It led to the first and only time an Amendment to the U. That is, Relief for the unemployed and poor; Recovery of the economy to normal levels; and Reform of the financial system to prevent a repeat depression.

It was also made to make more jobs. In14 dust storms were recorded on the Plains. Inthere were 38 storms. Byit was estimated that million acres of farmland had lost all or most of the topsoil to the winds. By Aprilthere had been weeks of dust storms, but the cloud that appeared on the horizon that Sunday was the worst.

Winds were clocked at 60 mph. Adolf Hitler was the leader of this group and they killed Jews, homo-sexuals, and many others that were not like them. It did not matter if they were German or not.

The total victims amounted between million. Dec 7, Pearl Harbor December 7th, Japanese fighters, bombers, and torpedo planes that came I two waves and attacked an American base.We’ve accomplished a lot in the last hundred years.

Find out more about where we came from and where we’re headed with this informative timeline. The Ford Motor Company is incorporated. The truck was available in eight sizes and weight ratings, from the ½ ton capacity F-1 to the three-ton capacity F In , Ford replaced the F.

American Airlines inaugurates direct air service from Chicago to London. Voters adopt a new Constitution, the first in one hundred years. Considered one of the three driest years on record, Illinois’ crops were substantially affected.

Timeline three hundred years of american

Illinois is the largest producer of soybeans and the second-largest producer of corn in the. The largest radio manufacturer, RCA, sold $85 million worth of radios over three years. By , after the NBC and CBS radio networks were established,US businesses were spending a total of $40 million to advertise their products and services on radio.

American Civil War: The war ended with the surrender of the last elements of the Confederacy.

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January 31 The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was passed, permanently outlawing slavery. Timeline of the First Years When the American Association of University Professors was founded in January , higher education bore little resemblance to the system that exists in this country today.

AMERICA'S CIVIL RIGHTS TIMELINE MARCH 6, were actually three marches that marked the political and emotional peak of the American civil rights movement.

MARCH 7, the U.S. Congress passed the Voting Rights Act of , guaranteeing every American 21 years old and over the right to register to vote.

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