To plant a water lily essay

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To plant a water lily essay

See Article History Alternative Title: Nymphaeaceae Water lily, family Nymphaeaceaeany of 58 species in 6 genera of freshwater plants native to the temperate and tropical parts of the world.

Most species of water lilies have rounded, variously notched, waxy-coated leaves on long stalks that contain many air spaces and float in quiet freshwater habitats. The stalks arise from thick, fleshy, creeping underwater stems that are buried in the mud.

The showy, fragrant, solitary flowers are borne at or above the water surface on long stalks that are attached to the underground stems. Each cuplike flower has a spiral arrangement of its numerous petals. Some flowers open only in the morning or in the evening to attract insect pollinators.

The fruit is usually nutlike or berrylike. Some fruits ripen underwater until they rupture or decay, and the seeds then float away or sink.

Some water lilies also have submerged leaves. All members of the family are perennial except for the genus Euryale, an annual or short-lived perennial found only in Asia. The floating leaf of a water lily Nymphaea odorata facing downward to show the attachment of the leaf stalk near the centre of the leaf.

Hydromorphic leaves are thin, and the vascular tissues are scant, because the surrounding water provides mechanical support for the plant. Boyden European white water lilyEuropean white water lily Nymphaea alba. CrimsonC The genus Nymphaea makes up the water lilies proper, or water nymphs, with 46 species.

The common North American white water lilyor pond lily, is Nymphaea odorata. The European white water lily is N. Both species have reddish leaves when young and large fragrant flowers.

The leaf blades of N. Other species of Nymphaea have pink, yellow, red, or blue flowers; many kinds are of hybrid origin. The lotus of ancient Egyptian art was usually the blue lotus N.

To plant a water lily essay

The Egyptian lotusN. The genus Nuphar, with about 10 species distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere, includes the common yellow water lily, cow lily, or spatterdock Nuphar advena of eastern North America.To plant a water lily essay is hydrolysed dephosphorylated to form glycolate.

To plant a water lily essay

Passage of water from living cells to the xylem channels can occur by: The process of photosynthesis is unique to phototrophs which are mainly autotrophic plants. Sep 17,  · Plant water lilies in containers to control their growth, submerge the container in a pond or aquatic planter, and make sure they get plenty of sun.


Trim old flowers and leaves to prevent rot, and divide your rapidly growing lilies every 2 to 3 years%(1). Adansonia: for Michel Adanson (), French botanist and philosopher of Scottish descent, biologist and his early life he attended lectures at the Jardin du Roi and the Collège Royal in Paris from to , studying theology, the classics, philosophy and Greek, and was a student of René-Anton Ferchault de Reaumer and Bernard de Jussieu of the Royal Academy of Sciences.

Some original photographs of Florida wildflowers and insects in a page that has won awards for best of web. If you live in a northern zone and are frustrated with perennials that are behaving like annuals, here is a list of plants we have found to consistently overwinter in Zone 4.

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