Unit 329

This involved lots of panicked movements in one of the first lessons we had we discussed what time meant to us. We all had rather different answers, some more serious than others, but everybody had a different perception of what time meant. This is why we called our piece perception. My strengths in the final performance of perception where definitely the power and weight in my movements.

Unit 329

However, first we learnt the ways to get in and out of the floor of which there were 5. Once we had learnt them we split into pairs and we ended up linking my pair and another pairs.

In this lesson, I found that I inputed a few ideas and also I believe that we worked Unit 329 as a team. I believe that we should speed up the section we created and I want to get better at the floor phrases as I found them difficult and to get the sections in sync with eachother.

We also learnt Olivia's phrase which I found difficult at times but most of it was fine. I think I created my panic phrase well and also quickly. Aswell I think we worked well as a team when developing our piece further.

Then I learnt the floor phrase which I found difficult. This lesson I found was challenging at times due to having to learn the floor phrase but in this phrase, we need to work on our spacing as I found that I was quite restricted spacing wise.

I think that my travelling phrase was good and that I use a wider amount of space than in some of the other sections I'm in.

Our solos were a combination of the floor phrase and Olivia's phrase with some of our own stuff. Our solos were around 32 counts and mine was mostly Olivia's. I created my solo to I believe a good standard and went through it and remembered most of it.

We put a section from the quartet we did about a month ago and put this in after a section we did where we were running from the hand. I inputted ideas on how we got to a section and I think that we had good teamwork.

I think if we could get the phrases up to speed and fully known. I would also like to be able to reverse my solo and remember it as I feel like that would improve my technique in my solo. We then finished our piece by putting our beginning in the end.

Our piece was made cyclical by reversing one group of solos and the duet between Tamsin and Charlotte. So our piece finishes how it ends in a reverse way. I think in this lesson I remembered the parts of the dance, however, I think I should try and develop my solo further.

I feel that we are able to speed it up more as we knew it better than we did originally. We looked at the features of this dance style and then how we can use choreographic devices.

Once doing this we did another number from made in dagenham that was an ensemble number called "This is America". In this we do alot of marching with an addition of some cheerleading moves. In this lesson we initially did a foot exercise which I adapted slightly.

We then split off and created an spinal, swing or jump warm up. In my group we created the spinal and added sharp and slow movements. We then learnt the swing exercise that I feel that I picked up quickly.

This exercise focused on our centre of gravity and Weightedness. This means that we can loosen up and also control our movements. I then didn't do the jump warm up but understood the techniques and movements that were used in the warm up.

We then got into our trios and developed them by having contact, floor work, jumps and elevation and swings.

We had to adapt our hope springs trio as we were missing someone and I am currently injured.Game Management Unit (GMU) Search Note: This GMU information should NOT be considered the legal GMU boundary definitions. To plan your hunt, use only the GMU boundary legal descriptions provided in the Big Game Hunting Seasons and Rules pamphlet.

Unit Branding - Explain what is meant by promotional mix There are 4 p's to explain the promotional mix. Produce, Place, Price, Promotion.

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Produce is about the quality which should be of a good standard. It should be competitive to the competition.

Unit 329

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