Vietnam war impact on new zealand

Research within families now confirms that the emotional and psychological impact of war trauma can pass through generations. Depicting and communicating their Vietnam War experience has been an integral part of the reconciliation process for many veterans. Art, poetry, painting, and sculpture are all modes of expression helping veterans and their families achieve closure and understanding. Toxic Exposure A highly controversial aspect of the Vietnam War was the widespread use of herbicides by the United States military.

Vietnam war impact on new zealand

The History Learning Site, 27 Mar For obvious reasons the war in Vietnam had a major impact on both South and North Vietnam. During the air warAmerica dropped 8 million ton of bombs between and The type of bombs used varied and ranged from high explosive bombs used to blanket bomb a target to napalm used on clinical air strikes on a village, for example that were thought to be harbouring the NLF.

The impact of high explosive bombs continued after the war ended as many failed to explode on impact and have caused considerable problems since.

America also dropped anti-personnel mines by the thousands. One plane could drop a thousand of these in one flight. These mines could be made out of either metal or plastic and had the potential to inflict major injuries on anyone who trod on them.

In an effort to take away from the NLF their ground coverage whereby they used the natural vegetation to avoid detection from the air, America used defoliants. Between and, acres of agricultural land was sprayed — primarily on paddy fields.

The stress of fighting an unseen enemy also took its toll on American troops. They took their anger and frustration out on villages that may or may not have been helping the NLF. This massacre was filmed and the US military had little opportunity to cover it up.

It is generally accepted that there were other massacres, probably on a smaller scale, but these were never recorded and would have been viewed as what goes on in warfare. Any village that did not provide the NLF with shelter or food — in fear of US retaliation — could expect punishment.

Vietnam war impact on new zealand

This could be the arbitrary execution of the village elder and his family, for example. In the South, the largely peasant population suffered from the military activities of both sides. Caught in between, there was also the real possibility of having to deal with unexploded bombs that had fallen in working areas but had not exploded.

In the North, US bombing had to have an impact on the people living there and the basic infrastructure of the North was all but destroyed — however primitive it may have been when compared to the West.To mark the end of the oral history and digital archiving project, two exhibitions themed Home Fires Burning: New Zealand's Vietnam War were held in Auckland between April and June In November , a permanent exhibition focusing on the Anzac relationship in Vietnam was installed at the National Vietnam Veterans Museum, Victoria.

Critics of the war accused the New Zealand government of simply doing what the US told it to, and called for a more independent, less submissive foreign policy position. Opponents of the war also questioned whether communism posed any real threat to New Zealand.

While vocal, the domestic protest movement had negligible impact on New Zealand’s part in the war.

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The Vietnam War left a strong legacy of injustice in New Zealand felt by many of the troops who served in the war. The treatment of veterans was not resolved until when the first Vietnam Parade occurred in Wellington, where veterans received recognition for their service in the Vietnam War.

New Zealands involvement in the Vietnam War spurred the anti-war movement to grow as wider members of society began to question the significance of alliances to major countries and if it was really for the benefit of New Zealand.

Vietnam war impact on new zealand

They were conflicts that were part of the 'Cold War'. Between the late s and early s, New Zealanders fought in Korea, Malaya, Borneo and Vietnam. New Zealand at War.

New Zealand's internal wars.

Indo-China War

The First World War had a seismic impact on New Zealand, reshaping the country's perception of itself and its place in the world. New Zealand goes to war.


Vietnam War. Malayan Emergency. Confrontation in Borneo. Other conflicts.

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