Writing a persuasive letter to headteacher

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Writing a persuasive letter to headteacher

She has 3 children, ages 12, 8 and 6. When it was over, the school did not abolish homework, but it did institute some homework policy changes, including no homework the nights of major events and two weeks per year where there would be no homework other than reading.

Letter to the Editor by Amanda Cockshutt Children are assigned daily homework from the time they start kindergarten at the ripe old age of five.

writing a persuasive letter to headteacher

Is it really necessary? Does homework promote better learning or even higher test scores? I have been bothered by homework for the past 7 years. At times it has been a nuisance, at other times it has elicited outright mutiny complete with kicking and screaming in my household. I started to seriously question the value of homework when our family spent a year in Sweden.

School ran from 8: My child went from an English reading level of Curious George to beyond Harry Potter, went from only a few words of spoken Swedish to being a fluent speaker and reader of Swedish chapter books and she covered the entire Canadian math curriculum that year.

The last spike in the homework coffin for me, was the discomfort I felt telling my kids to put down the book they were reading or come inside from playing and do their homework.

It was time to do my own homework. No published research has shown that time spent on homework causes an improvement in academic performance or achievement.

Should schools have the right to infringe on home life in the absence of solid research to justify the practice? Failure to complete homework is reflected on student report cards and often results in detentions at the discretion of the teacher.

This ten minute rule was invented by educational researcher, Harris Cooper, who demonstrated that homework has no effect on academic achievement for young students, which is curious indeed.

writing a persuasive letter to headteacher

The ten minute rule is based on no research whatsoever. Furthermore, administering and assessing homework consumes valuable teacher time. It also introduces the complexity of teaching a class where some of the students have completed the homework and some have not.

This often translates into class time being wasted for the diligent students whose homework is completed. Another serious consequence of homework is the physical strain of lugging it home every night. Given the lack of research demonstrating the effectiveness of homework, particularly at the elementary school level, combined with the urgent demands for increased physical fitness to battle childhood obesity, it is time that we demand accountability from our schools.

Years of research show that time spent on homework is not leading to greater academic gains.

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Children should spend their precious spare time pursuing their own interests like practicing the piano, playing outside, reading for pleasure, or simply relaxing. Schools should refrain from meddling with family life for no valid reason and leave the choice of how to spend time at home up to the family.Writing a Letter This English Language quiz is called 'Writing a Letter' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at high school.

Playing educational quizzes is a user-friendly way to learn if you are in the 9th or 10th grade - aged 14 to Here are the opening paragraphs of a good example of 'writing to persuade'.

Ask the person for whom you’re writing the letter for a copy of his or her resume or CV, so that you can speak to the person’s experience. If it is for a student, you might also ask . Whether you are writing a persuasive letter or essay, persuasion must be considered first. If your topic is cruelty to animals, you need to think of examples of cruelty and what your viewpoint is. writing exempli cation. Piece A: Letter After carrying out some research into their chosen animal, they wrote a persuasive letter to their headteacher requesting some money to fund the adoption, explaining why they wanted to save their particular animal and how.

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Education Essay: Good persuasive writing easy essay strategy!

Working in their writing pairs, allow the students to plan and write a persuasive letter to the school principal about one of the issues raised in the class brainstorm. Monitor and support the students as . The task is for children to write a persuasive letter to the headteacher which puts forward the arguments against keeping pets in class.

To help them with their planning, the children could use points from the grid below by choosing some from each column and combining them using connectives.

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