Writing a verse 16 bars albany

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Writing a verse 16 bars albany

The collection of manuscripts referred to as the Baltimore and Ohio manuscripts have a little to do with that railroad at a period beginning probably in and ending prior tothe evidence being indefinite.

writing a verse 16 bars albany

Stabler was the Superintendent of Construction of the Baltimore and Ohio road. In he was employed as engineer of the Wilmington and Susquehanna Railroad, with head office at Wilmington, Del.

In Stabler had taken a long trip through Virginia and North and South Carolina, apparently attempting to collect subscriptions for some purpose which does not appear.

He wrote letters to his brother Frank, describing the journey, of which there is a letter press copybook, which is most interesting, giving the details of the journey with much detail and of the social life of the people with whom he was thrown.

These copies would make material for an interesting book of the South of those days. It appears that prior to that Stabler had carried on a small business in watch repairing for a short time, but nothing earlier than that appears in regard to his activities. Stabler appears to have been a nephew of Mrs.

Hannah Brooke Briggs, the wife of Isaac Briggs, who appears to have lived at Sandy Spring during the latter part of his life and the chief interest in the collection is to be found in the records of the activities of Isaac Briggs, who was born in and died in One Moore, who became the State Engineer of Virginia writing a verse 16 bars albany towas brother-in-law of Isaac Briggs and the interests of the two men seem to have run together in regard to surveying, manufacturing, water power, canals and other engineering projects.

Moore seems to have been the better equipped engineer at the outset and material of his is found in Briggs' note-books. In Briggs was appointed Surveyor General of the Mississippi territory, or, as by another description, of the Southwest District, and in he traveled through Georgia and the lands of the Creek Nation, exploring for a road to New Orleans, probably in connection with Jefferson's proposed purchase of Louisiana.

He arrived at New Orleans, where there is record of his return of an army tent to the military authorities in There is also the copy of the letter from Briggs to President Jefferson in regard to his trip, and saying that his formal report to the President will follow soon.

There is also the copy of the letter from Jefferson to Briggs, in which he stated that he has submitted the report to Congress. That seems to close Briggs' connection with southwestern development. In Briggs appears to have been requested to interest himself in the proposed Erie Canal, and in that year he made a trip to New York, where he saw Gov.

Clinton in considerable intimacy, and later, at Clinton's suggestion, went with him to a meeting of the Canal Commissioners at Utica, where Briggs was appointed Civil Engineer in charge of the Canal.

This probably meant that he was to be in charge of some section of the proposed work, rather than the whole of it, but so far as any further records appear of his connection with the canal, it seems to have terminated almost with his employment, and his name does not appear in several books relating to the history of the Canal which have been referred to.

There is a record of an address made by Briggs in before the Oneida Society for the Promotion of American Manufactures, published at Utica inbut that seems to have been the last of him in New York State. It appears that he then became interested in the survey and preliminary work for the Richmond Canal in Virginia.

This was in It would appear that he could not have done much work on that job, because in he is engaged on a survey for a proposed canal from Baltimore to the Potomac, to connect with the existing canal at Cumberland.

Again, there are no records of his activities in this connection, and he died in The Briggs' diary of his visits to New York, Albany and Utica make a very interesting narrative, and might well be the subject of special presentation.

It is to be noted also that in he visited Jefferson at Monticello and was taken to the University of Virginia by him. Briggs also quotes long conversations with Jefferson in regard to slavery and national affairs. It seems as if the engineering activities of the men probably began with Moore, handed on by him to Isaac Briggs, his brother-in-law, and then by Briggs to his nephaw, James P.

There was another family, that of Thomas, connected with the same group and a Thomas became the President of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad during the period in which James P. Stabler was in the employ of the Railroad, so it may be that this added to the family connection with the road, Supplementary Notes in Regard to Folders Containing Letters Written by and to Isaac Briggs from Members of his Family and Personal Friends.

These letters may be said to begin in concerning the settlement of the family at Sandy Springs, Md. In that year Isaac Briggs was thirty years old, had married Hannah Brooke, and they were about to have their first child. In the early letters there are a good many references to lands belonging, or which had belonged to him in Georgia, and in a later letter there is a reference by Isaac Briggs to the effect that he had resided in Georgia just before this time.Classical Lost and Found (regardbouddhiste.com) and its CROCKS Newsletter tell you about new classical recordings of forgotten music by great composers and great music by forgotten composers.

writing a verse 16 bars albany

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