Writing clear essays donald

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Writing clear essays donald

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Writing clear essays donald

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Trump policy o the environment The environment has currently become a major subject of debate and political issue across the globe. Donald Trump, during his campaign, hinted that he would withdraw from all the international climate agreements besides threatening to disband the United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA.

S manufacturing Friends of the Earth, From the get go, Donald Trump has ignored the growing issues surrounding climate change and the fact that their urgency calls for a remedial action. The President issued executive orders that demanded not only the suspension of media communication, but also the freezing of new contracts associated with the body.

One of the major agreements that President Donald Trump threatened to abandon was the U. N Paris Climate Agreement whose goal was to restrict global warming to 1. Legally, Friends of the Earth reiterate that it may take as long as 4 years for a complete withdrawal from the agreement, a period which hopefully, may induce a change of heart and policy track.

While the President scores minimally on issues climate change, his policies on energy promise a better future for the environment.

He champions for energy independence and security from fossil fuels. Besides, Donald Trump champions for the thriving of renewable energy technologies. Despite the urgency of the need to eliminate the negative environmental impacts, Donald Trump is yet to implement any substantial environmental policies beside his campaign promises.

However, on the grounds of morality, the law forbids airing of indecent materials in the public domain including the social media. Balancing this with the needs and freedom of the media can prove to be an uphill task.

George Orwell

Barely 3 weeks in office, the President has directed the responsible Federal agencies to clamp down on public and social media information. The orders limit the ability of the employees to issue news, communicate with the outside world through social media, make policy pronouncements or tweet.

Agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Agriculture and Human Services, Transportation and Interior Departments are already muting federal employees on social media and reeling from the consequential impacts of the legislations Restuccia et al.

Also, in as much as the current policies only concentrate on the Federal agencies, there are fears that the administration is yet to implement legislations that gag the American citizens and limit their freedom of speech. The Federal Communication Commission and past legislations still rule.

Trump has only worked to impose restrictions through emails to the various government agencies. As the people of the United States await a clear way forward in terms of legislation concerning the social media, they remain worried about the potential limiting laws that are likely to infringe on their freedom of speech and place their communication privileges at the mercy of the administration.Donald Andrew Hall Jr.

(September 20, – June 23, ) was an American poet, writer, editor and literary regardbouddhiste.com was the author of over 50 books across several genres from children's literature, biography, memoir, essays, and including 22 volumes of verse.

1 HOW TO WRITE AN ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY Chris Endy Department of History California State University, Los Angeles [email protected] You may distribute and print these notes for personal, educational use, so long as you do not alter them.

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